Chevrolet Gives Us Two 2018 Hot Wheels Edition Camaros – Because You’re Never Too Old For Hot Wheels or Fun Behind the Wheel.

Two Hot Wheels Camaros were revealed this week – One for the track, one for the road, in honor of 50 years of both toys.  Left: 2018 Camaro 2SS Convertible.  Right: 2018 Camaro 2LT.

October 25, 2017:  Under a clear blue sky with temperatures hovering in the high 90s, it was a hot day in El Segundo, California.  Heat records were in the process of being broken. The group gathered at Hot Wheels Garage clutched bottles of cold water as if their lives depended on it while waiting for the big reveal in the parking lot.  It was hot, but what rested under the black silk cloth was even hotter.

Chevrolet celebrated the 50th year since introduction of its iconic Camaro in 2016.  Hot Wheels is celebrating its own 50th anniversary this year.  It was only natural for the two to partner up for a special project hotter than Southern California during a Santa Ana condition.

The Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Edition Camaros revealed this week are proof that we never outgrow our toys.  How wonderful that they grew with us.  The buyer can have a life size Camaro in Crush orange to drive around in, a 1/64 scale version to play with in a different way, and one to take out to the drag strip on Friday nights.

The 1/64 scale version of the 2018 Hot Wheels Camaro perches on the spoiler. 

The 2018 Hot Wheels commemorative package goes on sale in the first quarter of 2018, and the cost is $4,995.00.

The package includes Satin Graphite rally stripes, silver ice metallic accents, 20-inch forged aluminum wheels in Satin Graphite, 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels fender badges, a unique grill with Galvano Chrome inserts, orange brake calipers, smoked tail lamps, jet black leather interior with orange accent stitching, suede panels (only available on the Z06 Corvette, not on any other Chevrolets), embossed headrests, 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels badge on the steering wheel, illuminated doorsill plates with 50th Anniversary Hot Wheels badges, and premium floor mats with orange stitching and “ghost” stripes.

Of course, it has a 6-speed manual transmission.

For additional information on the Hot Wheels Camaro, go to

IMG_2866 2018 Camaro COPO
Chevrolet’s 2018 Hot Wheels COPO edition drag racer being revealed at Hot Wheels Garage in California.  

The 2018 COPO Camaro Hot Wheels drag race car will be a limited edition of only 69 produced, as per tradition.  It will be a three speed automatic ready for the track.  It comes equipped with a roll cage, a parachute, and racing seats.

For information on the drag race version of the 2018 Hot Wheels Camaro go to

Don’t delay, though: Chevrolet is closing the registration for the 2018 Hot Wheels COPO Camaro on November 30, 2017.

Both 2018 Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Edition vehicles will be on display at SEMA (October 31 – November 3) in Las Vegas.


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